Eyelash Extensions

Wake up having beautiful luscious lashes!  No more hassles of mascara and eyelash curlers. Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions will extend your eyelashes for a beautiful, dramatic, or a natural look and feel! Whether you want a beautiful look for a special occasion or just daily wear, we have many options for you to choose from to achieve your desired look and style.


Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions

$60+ (Full-set) / $80+ (Full-set Senior Stylist)
Thick individual lashes that give you a dramatic mascara look. If you love to wear lots of mascara, this one is for you!
Glamour Moi
$150+ (Full-set) / $250+ (Full-set Senior Stylist)
Become glamorized with these individual extensions that have a texturized, feathery look
Mink Moi
$200+ (Full-set) / $300+ (Full-set Senior Stylist)
Enhance your natural beauty with these individual eyelash extensions that give you a more natural look
Xtreme Lashes® - Extend Your Beauty®
$300+ (Full-set) / $400+ (Full-set Senior Stylist)
This is the brand and the secret beauty tip for many celebrities. These beautiful, extremely natural looking lashes include a hypoallergenic adhesive.
Xtreme Volumation
$350+ (Full-set) /$450+ (Full-set Senior Stylist)
This lightweight and flexible, yet super-impact lash was created specifically for dramatic definition
Xtreme X-Wrap
$350+ (Full-set) / $450+ (Full-set Senior Stylist)
This superior lash with 53% less weight, rich color and a natural "matte" finish has improved curl retention and resists twisting and tangling. A flat base conceals the lash line gaps and provides a base to tip voluminous look! Bring on the drama with these bold "Look at Me" lashes
Bottom Lashes
$50+ (Full-set)
Bottom Lashes - Refill
25 lashes per eye

*Prices are subject to change based on your lashes and lash stylist



Permanent Cosmetic Makeup

Cosmetic tattoos can give you a younger look by adding definition in the form of semi-permanent make-up.  Cosmetic tattoos can replace lost color and definition in the lips and brows, improve, or correct lip and brow shape as well as giving you the convenience of not having to apply makeup.  Beauty marks can also be done with this procedure.  Two treatments are needed and the standard is four to six weeks apart but is contingent upon the health profile and age of the client and the procedure conducted.

Our Microblading is done using a technique that produces strokes that are crisp and very fine resulting in very natural looking eyebrows regardless of whether there is hair present or not. The pigments are specially formulated to very closely match the color of your existing eyebrow hair. Great for anyone looking for full, flawless, and natural looking eyebrows!



Eye Liner
Enhance your eyes to sharpen and brighten them. There are variations in length and thickness to complement the shape and size of your eyes. Price includes procedure for top and bottom; we will be adjust the price if you select top or bottom only.
Full Lips
This allows for slight enhancements to the lip shape, bold outline, color, change of tone and provide symmetry.
Beauty Marks
Dermapigmentation can provide the “look” of a a mole, birthmark, or freckle
Microblading Eyebrows
Contact us for pricing +(202)779-0081
Enhance the frame of your eye and face by improving the shape, color, and size of your brows.

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Microblading Touch-Up Pricing**

**Microblading touch-up prices are calculated based on the length of time from your  initial visit/appointment.

Touch Up prior to 3 months
Touch Up after 3 months
Touch Up after 6 months
Touch Up after 12 months
$400 and up (Consult Required)

*Prices are subject to change based on the look you want to achieve and the time it takes to achieve it.

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