Holiday Lashes

The holidays are quickly approaching, and lash appointments are going fast! To make sure you have fabulous, full lashes this holiday season, make sure to call us at 410-721-LASH (5274). One way to amp up your holiday lash game is by adding festive accents to your lash extensions! From red and green colored lashes, to sparkly gold and silver lashes, we have the perfect accent to add to your service and give your eyes a little more “Pop” for your special occasions.

Lash Shedding

Why Do I Need to Come Back for Touch Up Appointments?


This is a question we hear quite often. Many people are under the impression that the lashes you currently have are permanent, thus the extensions we apply will be permanent. Unfortunately, that is not the case! Just like the hair on our heads, our eyelashes are constantly growing and going through a hair cycle. Each person has an average of 100 eyelashes per eye, which shed at an average rate of 3-5 per day! Because of this shedding each day, you lose the extensions that are attached to your natural lashes and they appear sparser as the weeks pass by.  As depicted in the graphic above, you will lose an average of 21 lashes in one week, 42 lashes in two weeks, and 63 lashes in three weeks! Because of this we recommend coming in for your touch up appointments every two to three weeks to keep your lashes looking full and fresh!

Amplifeye® Lash & Brow Fortifier

On occasion, clients are unable to receive eyelash extensions due to their lashes being either too short or too thin. Sometimes, clients arrive with damage from a previous salon’s attempt to apply lash extensions. We believe that the health and strength of your natural lashes is paramount. At LashMoi, we use Amplifeye to visibly fortify and nourish eyelashes. Filled with vitamins and minerals, using Amplifeye daily produces eyelashes that appear dramatically longer, stronger, fuller, and more abundant. Amplifeye strengthens natural eyelashes, resulting in an ideal foundation for eyelash extension application. Here at LashMoi, our stylists are trained to evaluate the health of your natural lash and determine if lash extensions is the right option for you.


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24K Gold Collagen Gel Patches

While you relax away at your lash appointment, you can add some extra TLC with our luxurious collagen gel patches. Our 24K Gold Collagen Gel Patches are full of beneficial vitamins and minerals that are great for pampering your skin and creating youthful-looking under eyes. These collagen gel patches help to hydrate, relax, and revitalize the delicate under eye area while providing an instant cooling effect. Are you ready to experience the 24K Gold Collagen treatment?


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Colored Lash Look

Have a special occasion coming up? Want to try something fun and different? Try adding some color to your lash extensions at your next visit! There are a variety of colors to choose from to match a special occasion, theme, or holiday. There are also glitter lashes available for an extra pop! Whether you want to accent your eye color, or stand out at a party, colored eyelash extensions are a fun way to step up your lash game!


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Why cleaning your extensions is so important!

When a new client gets lash extensions for the first time, we often hear “I’ve never had to clean my natural lashes like this before.” With a natural lash line, makeup, sweat, oils, and dirt are less likely to build up with regular facial cleansing. When a full set of extensions is applied, the now denser lash line makes it easier for makeup products, natural oils, and other debris to sit and collect on top of and in between the lashes. This build up between the lashes causes the adhesive bond to break down resulting in lash extensions that shed prematurely. At LashMoi, we recommend using the Xtreme Oil Free Cleanser and Makeup Remover along with the Lint-Free Applicator for proper cleaning of lashes. For a detailed guide on how properly to clean your lash extensions, refer to our last blog entry and check out our quick video tutorial – LashMoi Eyelash Extension Maintenance!


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